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Violin Lessons





I grew up learning in the traditional method of study, but fell in love with the Suzuki Method as a joyful way to teach children to learn music in the way that they learn language; through listening and imitation. I have extensive training in the Suzuki Method and have taken many children from the very beginning to Mozart Concertos and beyond. I do incorporate note reading (separately at first) during Book 1 and I supplement the Suzuki materials with scales and etudes. In addition  I am trained in the Mark O'Connor Method which uses American Fiddling and Bluegrass music to teach the violin. I find that using both methods along with many of the elements of the traditional training I had growing up allows me to provide a custom mix that works according to each individual child's (or adult's) needs. Additionally, I am a very experienced orchestral musician and can help your child prepare their school orchestra or youth symphony music.




Students are required to practice the music and listening assignments 6 days per week. The amount of time varies for each student and their individual goals but 30 minutes is generally the minimum.


Studio Location


All lessons are held at my home studio in the Village Park area of Encinitas.













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